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Welcome to the NO-FEAR project final newsletter

A guide to our latest work and news

Welcome to the ninth and final edition of the NO-FEAR newsletter, marking the end of a five-year project. NO-FEAR brings together a network of emergency medical care practitioners, suppliers, decision makers and policymakers to collaborate and exchange knowledge and good practice.

You can read more about the project here, and check out the latest news below. The NO-FEAR portal and website will remain live, follow our channels and partners for news about upcoming collaborations.



NO-FEAR Final Conference - An Interactive Showcase 

4th May 2023 - Brussels, Belgium

The NO-FEAR final conference concluded a five-year project, and brought together more than one hundred in-person and remote attendees from across its network of medical practitioners, researchers, industry and policymakers at the Warwick Hotel in Brussels. Partners reflected on the lessons and implications of NO-FEAR at the last project review and consortium meeting the previous day, before the conference served as culmination and celebration of an ambitious project. You can read more here.

NO-FEAR Policy Briefs: SCENE SAFER and Crisis Management

NO-FEAR is proud to announce its first policy briefs. The first outlines the SCENE SAFER concept for helping Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel evaluate scene safety. This is a practical tool for practitioners and authorities concerned with safe and effective medical interventions during emergencies. The second highlights the importance of bringing public health and crisis management closer together, building on the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic when imperfections in this coordination became very evident. It offers concrete recommendations in anticipation of the next crisis. You can access these and our upcoming policy briefs on the NO-FEAR website.


WADEM Congress 2023

9-12th May 2023 - Killarney, Ireland

The World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) is the oldest international emergency and disaster medicine organisation in the world, bringing together specialists, practitioners, industry, and researchers that this year included a number of NO-FEAR partners. Colleagues delivered a range of presentations and posters, with Dr Luca Ragazzoni and Dr Marta Caviglia from CRIMEDIM leading a workshop, Innovative Training Methods in Disaster Medicine, which used virtual reality simulation tools to explore prehospital mass casualty preparedness. You can read more about WADEM here.



Our YouTube channel is regularly updated with webinars and videos, including the following: 


NO-FEAR Final Thoughts

At the conclusion of this five-year project, we reflect on the ambitions and achievements of NO-FEAR.


NO-FEAR Final Conference


The NO-FEAR final conference took place on the 4th May 2023 in Brussels, gathering more than 100 in-person and remote attendees to exchange knowledge, engage in hands-on practical workshops, and listen to a range of expert speakers from the world of emergency medicine policy and practice.


NO-FEAR webinar: An x-ray of GDPR and research connected issues

In this NO-FEAR webinar our speakers discuss the issues surrounding researcher engagement with GDPR.




Training Manual for Ambulance and Pre-Hospital Response in Risk Situations

The Training Manual for Ambulance and Pre-Hospital Response in Risk Situations (TARRS) has been developed by our NO-FEAR partners at the Norwegian Red Cross. Read an interview and access the manual here.


The Better Practice Guide

The Better Practice Guide empowers practitioners to own and improve their pre-standardisation processes, harnessing standards to improve efficiency and effectiveness across emergency medical fields and beyond. You can read more here, and follow the PEERS project for more innovative work in the standardisation space.




NO-FEAR is a proud member of the PREPARE cluster (PREparedness and resPonse for emergency situAtions in euRopE) alongside other disaster management research projects. Our cluster partners continue to be hard at work.


PANDEM-2 plenary meeting

The PANDEM-2 project’s seventh plenary meeting took place in Galway, Ireland, last month and was hosted by project coordinators the University of Galway. PANDEM-2 was delighted to have Dr Anders Tegnell, former state epidemiologist for the Public Health Agency in Sweden, in attendance. Dr Tegnell’s extensive experience leading different Swedish government agencies in the field of public health, disease control and preparedness for health threats brought new insight to the development of the PANDEM-2 tools. These resources and training materials for pandemic preparedness and response will officially launch at the project’s final conference in Brussels next month. Dr Tegnell delivered a presentation on Sweden’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic which you can view here, and you can can read more about the event on the PANDEM-2 website here



NO-FEAR relies on its strong, collaborative network of trusted stakeholders:

  • The practitioners, decision and policy-makers network provides expertise to identify requirements, needs, and operational gaps in the Emergency Medical System.
  • The NO-FEAR supplier and academia network includes members from industry, academia, and research fields, who innovate to enhance response capability for security-related incidents.
The NO-FEAR interactive portal serves as a unique online dynamic catalogue of the identified gaps, needs and trends as well as the technological tools and research-technological projects related to EMS. In addition to perusing the catalogue, you can also contribute with your expertise by adding your knowledge to the catalogue to share with the online community.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 786670.


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